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Live Life the Way You Want

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Welcome to Parker Audiology, P.C.

We believe better hearing leads to a better life.

Molly Parker, Au.D.

Owner, Audiologist

Dr. Parker is a graduate of the University of Iowa and A.T. Still. Her background includes diagnostic and specialized hearing aid service and fittings. She believes that hearing is the main pathway to connecting with others.

Our patient-centered approach allows us to focus on satisfying your hearing care needs, whatever they may be. Our practice will work with you to diagnose and find solutions for your hearing, tinnitus, and balance needs using state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced technology. Because our focus is entirely on your unique needs, coming to Parker Audiology, P.C. means that you’ll experience patient care that is specific to you, with exceptional follow-up care that ensures your hearing and balance needs are being met.

Parker Audiology, P.C. wants you to be satisfied with your care. We are a local, independent, community-oriented practice. Our services are fully guaranteed, meaning we are committed to listening to your concerns, and your technology is always perfectly fit to renew your world of hearing. A strong patient-provider relationship based on honesty, integrity, and values is what we strive for, and we feel that this is the best approach to making sure you don’t miss any of the precious moments in your life.

Ways to Start Your Journey to Better Hearing

Hearing Tests

An older man finds out if he really has hearing loss by taking a hearing test at his favorite audiology clinic

Do your friends and family complain that they have to repeat themselves a lot when they talk to you? Do you say, “Huh?!” too often? Are these good enough reasons to go see an audiologist? You can find out for sure if you need help by taking the first step today. Come on in and get tested, and you’ll hear the difference when you try out the latest devices that can help you hear better than you have in years.

Preview Our Process

Child Hearing Care

A school aged girl smiles after reading in front of her class next to her teacher, who looks proud of the girl's progress

Are you concerned that your child is hearing impaired? Do you want to give them the best possible foundation for a good future in their life? Schedule them for a specialized assessment to find out if they are in need of treatment. Our caring audiologists are experienced in working with children and adults from all walks of life and look forward to helping your loved ones to experience better hearing.

Help Them Hear Better

Hearing Aid Repairs

A male audiologist repairs a hearing aid by replacing broken parts, saving his patient money and improving their hearing

What if your current hearing aids work well for you but need a minor repair? Have your new devices been slightly damaged and need parts replaced? We can help. For some people, it’s easy to toss old devices and buy new ones, but you deserve the best and convenient purchasing options aren’t always enough. When we inspect your hearing aids, you’ll find out if they can be fixed or need an upgrade.

Restore Your Devices

Hearing Protection

Three cross-generational men smile in the woods in their hunting equipment

Exposure to excessive noise during work or leisure activities can significantly increase a person’s risk of hearing loss and potentially worsen a preexisting hearing problem. Continuous exposure to 85 decibels, for example — noise you might encounter on a street with constant, heavy traffic — can irreversibly damage hair cells in the inner ear that convert sound vibrations into nerve signals that travel to the brain.

Prevent Hearing Damage

AGXr hearing aid family lineup

Cutting Edge Hearing Technology

Get the features you want in the latest devices from the best manufacturers. We shop around so you don’t have to. You’ll always be fitted with the best hearing aid for your unique needs because we get to know you and your concerns are our top priority.

All Hearing Aid Styles

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Patient Testimonials

See what people are saying about Parker Audiology, P.C.

Some of our patients have been kind enough to share their story of achieving better hearing to help others have confidence that it is possible for them too. Read more testimonials.

  • Hello Molly,

    It was so good to see you again today. I put off updating my hearing aids much too long and my wife really put her foot down about doing something-NOW. Read more.

    Getting accustomed to the new devices is going to be exciting, and I can already tell you something I discovered that is really impressive.

    After supper I got on my old Airdyne exercise bike in the basement to do my daily workout. I always watch the TV news while I ride, but when I started to pedal hard I realized that the chain noise was so loud I couldn’t hear the TV at all. Thinking I would need to try to make some kind of adjustment later I just kept pedaling, but then I got a huge surprise. After twenty seconds of hearing all that chain noise it suddenly seemed that the hearing aid stopped working. It took a moment to realize that I could clearly understand every word coming from the TV and it was only the noise from the chain that was gone, almost entirely.

    After going on for about ten minutes I decided to stop exercising and see what happened. It took about fifteen seconds for the hearing aids to settle back into the original configuration as before. I started to pedal again to watch closely what was happening. Here is the really peculiar part. This change came exactly as the first time but I noticed that the change happened at first only on the right side, but once the correction was fully made only then did the left side suddenly update to the same setting as the right side.

    It seems that these devices take sound samples and see that the chain noise is a continuous sound, not modulating up and down as you would have in speech or music. It apparently is found to be a junk sound and is then blocked. What an extraordinary piece of technology this is!

    You people are the best!


  • I have been with Molly for years. She always makes me feel like I am her only patient. She works until the hearing aids work the best for me! It makes wearing hearing aids almost a pleasure because she works until I can hear normally!

    Diane S.

  • Dr. Parker has been very helpful. She makes one feel appreciated for doing business with her.

    Jon H.

  • I started with Molly when she was at Five Points. She is a doctor you can have complete faith in her skills. A big plus is she and her staff are so pleasant. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    Wenona S.

  • Since my visit to Parker Audiology my life has improved greatly. My new hearing aids have not only greatly benefited me, but also my friends and family, especially my wife. Thank you Dr. Meinecke and the Parker Audiology staff!

    Mike M.

  • I have enjoyed hearing improvement. All the new things Dr. Molly has tried have really been helpful. Makes being around people more enjoyable.

    Eldon T.

  • I have never been so pleased with my choice from Starkey. I hear better than I have for years. No feedback; they cancel a lot of loud noises to a minimum.

    Darrell D.

  • My experience with Parker Audiology has been so positive. Dr. Parker and the staff are always helpful and so concerned, and help with my hearing issues.

    Richard W.

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