In the News: Dr. Parker Talks Tech Innovations & More!

Waterproof hearing aids? When WQAD News 8’s Andrew Stutzke dropped by to learn more about hearing care, Dr. Molly Parker, founder of Parker Audiology, P.C., gave the scoop on some exciting innovations in today’s technology as well as her own personal connection to hearing loss and the importance of seeking treatment. Check out the short clip now! >


In the News: OTCs vs. Expert Care

Over-the-counter (OTC) devices may be on the market, but does self-treating for hearing loss leave your wellness to chance? Our own Dr. Molly Parker breaks it down in a segment of WQAD News 8’s Weather on the Road with Andrew Stutzke. Plus, learn how rechargeable devices help make better hearing even easier for those with dexterity issues or other challenges. Watch the clip now! >