Individuals with a hearing loss sometimes have more difficulty hearing basic technology

Assistive Listening Devices are designed to help those with impaired hearing receive alerts or hear better by amplifying the sounds they create.

Oticon ConnectLine TV Adapter

TV Listening Systems

This is the most common complaint among our patients. There are several products that make TV listening situations easier. These systems allow a user to listen to TV without disturbing others and are ideal for late-night watching. If you have not experienced a TV streaming product with your hearing devices, ask for a demonstration.

If headphones are the preferred method for listening to television, there are some wireless sets are available. In most cases, this would require the wearer to remove their hearing aids. Closed Captioning Services are also helpful. Some set up on the TV remote may be needed.


Cell Phone Accessories

Some hearing aids can help you hear better from your cell phone. Check this video out to learn about how this could help you. This feature only works with certain types of hearing aids. If you have questions, contact our office for answers.


Alarm Clocks and Shake Awake Systems

A typical alarm clock tends to be somewhat loud at about 80 decibels. Amplified alarm clocks can feature up to 110 decibels of sound or more. Some systems may offer an accessory that vibrates under your pillow to make sure you wake up when you want to.


Amplified Telephones

There are two programs that can provide amplified assistance in Iowa and Illinois. Both require an audiologist to test and certify that you have hearing loss, and to sign paperwork or refer you to the program.

  1. Caption Call. This is a no-cost option that offers captioned phone calls. It requires the internet in order to print out what the other party is saying. The phone has an amplified handset and an amplified speaker phone as well as the captioning. Caption call can come out to your home to set this up at no cost to you.
  2. Each state offers their own version of help for the hearing impaired which usually includes your choice of amplified phone, loud ringer or light flasher. You may become eligible to receive this equipment about every 5 years.

Iowa’s program is called TAI which helps Iowans obtain low cost amplified phone and accessories. Here is the Iowa Application.

Illinois offers a program called ITAC which helps Illinoisans obtain no-cost amplified phones. Here is the Illinois Application.


Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are a critical safety component in any household, particularly for those who may have difficulty hearing. Amplified fire alarms emit tones up to 110 decibels or more.


Hand Held Personal Sound Amplifiers

Personal sound amplifiers are hand-held amplifiers that often use a headphone and a separate microphone box that looks like the “walkman radios” from the 1980’s. These devices are low cost, very loud, very hardy and durable, easy to use, and difficult to lose. We may use these for those with advanced memory problems.