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Hearing Technology Summit

Technology in the world is changing so fast. Telephones went from party lines and rotary dial to small, portable, handheld cell phones/minicomputers within 35 years. Hearing aids are no exception.

I have been around hearing aids my entire life. When my father first received his hearing aids, they truly changed his life. However, his hearing aids were also very large and they squealed A LOT. I am happy to say that hearing aids have improved significantly. Hearing technology has gotten smaller, has better sound quality, directional microphones, and can now communicate with other devices. Imagine effortlessly hearing others at Sunday dinner! I personally invite you to experience better hearing at our annual TECH SUMMIT on May 3 at CASI. There will be food, prizes, and it is free to the public.

Here are a few cool features this year:

  • Connectivity: No more neck-worn devices. Many folks are saddled with lifelines, jewelry, key/necklaces, purses, etc. Adding another neck-worn device is not necessarily a good thing. We will have some devices on May 3 to experience firsthand.
  • Music: Studies show that music is an experience that most hearing-impaired individuals really miss. There are now features that can bring the full sound of music back to your ears.
  • iPhone hearing aids have been upgraded and updated! These offer vastly improved voice detection and more natural sound quality. iPhone apps can provide better adjustability, better music experience, improved battery life, and better locating ability. (This means if you misplace your hearing aids, your iPhone can help you find them!)
  • Continued improvements in technology: smaller features, more automatic and interactive with your surroundings, greater programming power, less feedback, better directional sound quality, better speech detection, remote controls, companion microphones, improved moisture control against wax and sweat, and more durable microphones. All this means that you will have hearing aids that will adjust to your needs and environments.

These features mean you could be joining the moment, not watching from the sidelines. If my father had these features, he could have kept up with dinner conversations and known what was going on in the moment — he would not have needed my mother for interpretation.

Join us at CASI (on Kimberly Rd) on May 3 from 10:30–11:30am for our second annual Hearing Technology Summit. The talk is free, and we would love to see you there. Join the conversation, and try out new technology. Call 563-326-5441 to RSVP today!