COVID-19 (AKA Coronavirus) Update

Hello Patients and Families,

We want to say a big THANK YOU for remaining safe and healthy as we have weathered the Coronavirus Shut Down this year. We are EXCITED to serve you as we re-open safely.

Your appointments will look a little different but our friendly service will still be the same. We aretaking steps to come back responsibly. Limited entry, social distancing, facemasks, spaced appointments, health screenings and disinfection protocols will be followed according to the
CDC guidelines. These protocol will be strictly enforced (see below)

There will be some changes to our schedules in the upcoming months to get caught up and toget everyone back into better hearing.

To help simplify our appointments, we will offer these services:

  • Scheduled Curbside Service
  • In-Office visits including Hearing Tests, fittings and Hearing Aid Consultations regarding new technology
  • Single Purpose Visits
  • Simplified Clean and Checks
  • Telehealth Visits and Remote Programming (when available)
  • Wax Removal will be referred to your primary physician
    We are grateful for your business and we are proud to serve you in the years ahead.


Molly Parker and the Parker Audiology Team

Parker Audiology Protocol, Post Coronavirus

For your safety, CDC guidelines will be followed and enforced among patients and staff, including controlled entry and social distancing guidelines, disinfection procedures. You will be invited in as our guests, one patient at a time. Disinfection procedures will be completed upon your exit.

Facemasks are necessary to prevent the spread and will be required.
Please use our trays to set your hearing aids, phones and other small belongings.

  • Call ahead – Only those with appointments will be allowed to enter the office. If special
    assistance is required, let us know in advance. If you need supplies or have pick up or drop off
    repairs, please call before coming in so we can plan for your arrival.
  • Upon Arrival, please call us from your car, knock or ring a doorbell. In Davenport- park in the
    back of the office.
  • Your appointment may occasionally need to be rescheduled to accommodate CDC guidelines.
    There may be times you may see an alternate provider.
  • Temperatures will be taken upon entering our offices and screening questions will be asked.
  • Telehealth appointments and remote care are encouraged. In many cases we can
    program hearing aids from our office if you have a smart phone and are willing to follow our
  • In Davenport, please park in the back of the building.

Walk In Wednesdays will resume in Davenport, 9-11:30 every week, outside services only. It is helpful if you call ahead so we can prepare your visit, but is not a guarantee for an appointment. We will honor the original intent: Walk In Wednesdays, First Come, First Served. Limited visits only. You will take a number and hang it from your car window for service. We will do our best to serve you, however some types of visits may require an appointment. We cannot guarantee your visit with a specific provider.

Our Hours:
Monday: 9-3:00
Tuesday: 9-4:30
Wednesday: 9-4:30
Thursday: 9-4:30
Friday: 9-4:30

*Calls received aer 4:00 may not be returned unl the next day so that we have me to disinfect our offices end of day and prepare for the next day.

Staying empowered, connected, and communicating your best is more important than ever, so don’t wait. Please contact us to schedule assistance or an appointment today.