Hearing Technology: The Hip New Accessory?

Hearing Loss Affects People of All Ages

When you think about eyeglasses, what do you think of? Most likely your own pair or those of loved ones. If you’re more fashion-minded, you might even think about that funky pair you saw recently on one of your favorite celebrities. You definitely don’t think of old age.

But what about when you think of hearing aids? Probably a different story.  

A PR Problem

In the United States, 14 million people 12 years or older have a visual impairment. Thirty million people 12 years or older have hearing loss in both ears — that’s one out of every eight people.

Both eyeglasses and hearing aids correct a sense impairment — so why are eyeglasses a fashion statement, but it takes, on average, seven years for someone to even get their hearing tested after noticing a hearing loss?  

Hearing Loss Affects All Age Groups

The idea that …

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10 Movies and TV Shows With Deaf Characters

Hearing Loss in Hollywood

10 Movies and TV Shows With Deaf Characters

It’s nearly Oscar time, and — as with every exciting round of Academy Award nominations — fans of this year’s contenders are choosing sides.

Whether you’re #TeamEmmaStone or #TeamMerylStreep for best actress or you have your eye on “La La Land,” “Hidden Figures,” or “Manchester by the Sea” for best picture, here’s a quick break from the awards-season suspense.

We’ve compiled our own top movie picks and TV shows with themes or characters that tackle deafness. With about 48 million Americans experiencing hearing impairment in at least one ear, according to Johns Hopkins research, it’s no wonder that Hollywood and hearing loss intersect:

Switched at Birth (2011–2017) This Freeform drama series about two teen daughters, well, switched at birth takes on everything from family dynamics and self-identity to hearing loss, …

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